Rec Think: the team

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This project involves a total of 5 European organizations from four countries: Portugal, Italy, France and Spain. Although we are organizations with different profiles, all of us share the same purpose: social change based on values such as participation, equality and development.


Agareso is the organization at the coordination of RecThink. The Galician Association of Journalists for Solidarity focuses on the use of communication as a tool for development, international cooperation and education in values. They work mainly in Galicia and in Central America, developing projects ranging from community radios to educational projects with web and mobile micro-narratives. They are also a involved in the communication for social change in Galicia, where they develop specialized training courses and awareness campaigns. They are members of the Assembly of Cooperation for Peace and the Galician Coordinator of NGO’s.


Contextos is a consulting firm specialized in social innovation and entrepreneurship. In addition to RecThink, they participate in other European projects related to entrepreneurship, open educational resources and the employability of young people at risk of social exclusion.


YUPI or Youth Union of People with Initiative have been working in Famalicão (Portugal) since 2008. His work focuses on the promotion of active citizenship, participation yupi_pngand volunteering among young people; they participate in European projects of non-formal education, international exchanges and entrepreneurship. In addition, they perform campaigns and raising awareness events about ecology, equality of rights, etc…


Mine Vaganti NGO participates in RecThink from Sardinia (Italy). His work evolves around a main axis from which promote active participation and the employability of young people, by training in social entrepreneurship skills and developing European programmes (Grundtvig, Leonardo and Comenius), as well as by promoting intercultural dialogue, social inclusion through sport and protection of the environment as an opportunity for the employability of young people.



Solidarités Jeunesses, from France, is a national movement composed by seven associations (regional offices) which, based on common objectives, express at a regional level the national movement. All share the same political vision of society, the values of popular education and interculturality.


We believe that the organisation of this European Consortium has the right combination of skills and resources to build a learning network for social participation and active citizenship, as well as to stimulate a collective reflection on the role of rural populations who suffer from depopulation and isolation, to promote initiatives related to social and sustainable entrepreneurship, and to claim the value of rural communities in European society.

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