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    Claudia Peixoto

    To create a script with active participation and involvement of a group of youngsters have been a great challenge!
    The portuguese group is not big, but even with a small group of 9 youngsters, to create a script considering the ideas, opinions and vision of each element is a great challenge.
    For me as facilitator and “observer” of all process have been a huge learning process where each participant needs personal time and personal way to manage the amount of ideas, the difference of ideas and sometimes, the guidance or leadership of one of the youngsters, it represents the turning point of a discussion and debate that have been happening during hours.
    The best part of a participatory methodology is that is participatory and all elements of the group feel committed and are active. And in the end, the final results it´s a result of all of them and of each one of them!


    María Lobo

    100% agreement! It is a great challenge to create a one single video including all the visions in it. Best part of this process is the challenge itself, as it requires both efforts and time because you need to take into account personal interests and the reality of the community. In one of the groups, we have encountered a subject that anyone want to talk about, it is kind of taboo topic deeply rooted in the area. It came up several times as a relevant topic attending to entrepreneurship and development. However it is something that cannot be discussed without triggering social unrest.
    How can we deal as social workers with this issues? It is obviously a tricky point but we felt that youngsters needed to talk about while being aware of touching a disruption topic.
    Finally, although this subject is not appearing in the short-doc, we decided to invest all the time that could be required by the participants to discuss or to exchange visions on it.
    So this experience have taught me that the output is not the central point of PV: it is the participatory process. Even if this topic is not included in the video, the group have exchanged insights, opinions, feelings to build a group, to be a community, to think together in different solutions for a common future.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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