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    This topic has been created in order to share doubts, technics, tools… All related to technical related events.


    María Lobo

    In these sessions on film-making, we have worked with a DSLR camera (reflex), with an HDV video-camera and with smartphones. While filming with professional or semi-professional equipment, we split the participants in two groups of 7-8 people each. Groups should be involved in the same task but playing differents roles, what is the base of a participatory project. Nevertheless, those participants not playing a specific role at that moment, they should distract from the collective task.
    Working with smartphones is easier as they get highly involved in activities: shooting and editing filters with a simple touch. But these devices are designed for an individual way of using it, so we risk to miss some of them in these situations.
    So we decided to combine both ways of working: we used the professional or semi-professional equipment for main filming (interviews and images for documentaries), and we used smartphones as a sort of Communication team who is covering the film-making process. Some of them are published in Tumblr:

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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