Rec Think is project developed within the KA-2 Erasmus + programme and it gathers organisations from 4 different countries: Mine Vaganti NGO (Italy), Solidarités Jeunesses (France), YUPI (Portugal), Contextos and AGARESO (Spain)

This project focuses on young people from rural areas facing depopulation and it aims to involve them in the process of rethinking themselves, as well as their role in the future of their localities. Participatory Video is the  methodology chosen to develop audiovisual and multimedia contents as a tool to express and generate ideas, in such a way that pressing REC  would be the first step to to identify their lacks and resources as to collectively build sustainable alternatives.

Therefore this project wants young people to give voice to their region, breaking the geographical isolation and building an european collaborative network to reflect on the rural areas, their communities and their future in the european citizenship.

To sum up, Rec Think is a trip where the way is the objective, training young people to be active agents in political and economical transformation processes, through the development of digital and communicative skills.

If you want to know more about Rec Think, here you can find an overview of the project.