The Hackaton in Portugal

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During 5 days, YUPI organization hosted in Portugal 15 youngsters from Portugal and Spain that are part of Rec Think project in their countries.

During HACKATON the participants worked on documentaries done by the groups of each partner country, developed competences on video creation and edition and photography. Through an active experience of peer learning, the group also developed competences on ICT and participatory video.

Through non formal education dynamics, the participants were challenged to share, reflect and rethink  about the place where they live. The group discussed the reasons of depopulation, similarities and potentialities of rural areas in Portugal, Spain, France and Italy and rethought about alternatives and strategies to struggle against depopulation.

In group it was developed a process of generation of ideas and actions that the participants can develop in the places where they live, in order to turn the rural areas more atractive, generating local impact and positive changes in their communities.


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