Edition in Progress

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During the last weeks, Galician groups were working on editing the short documentaries that will be soon released. In this part, the group realized that editing is an hard job. Edition is the moment where you have to step back and look what you have filmed an try to give sense and rhythm to all the things you registered. Despite all the difficulties we found, both groups were able to cope with it and resolve all of them. After some times of listening to the interviews, discussing and defining the storyline, all the pieces of the puzzle finally were joined and we have our film already edited.
I’m eager to see the Final Cut of both documentaries and ready to make a preview in Portugal with youngsters from both countries. Also, French and Italian documentaries are already finished. Do you think it will be very different the thoughts of all 4 countries? Or their look to their regions will be similar.? I cannot wait to see them all together!

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