Santa Maria de Arnoso – Lumière minute

Santa Maria de Arnoso – Lumière minute

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The second session of RecThink project developed from a first filming: every participant were challenged to film a peer who should talk about his/her first act of rebellion, or something unusual. It was really funny!

We committed to be part of RecThink project and we shared expectations, challenges and contributions that each of them will make to the project. As these feelings can change during the project development, we defined it as an activity where everyone must share what they are feeling in each moment.

In this session, the group reflected on the place where they live, focusing on the positive issues – “The best of living here”, “Positive things”, “Strengths of the community” and “Ressources from the place where we live”, these were the subjects and the group worked on defining their value.

From the outcomes of this activity, the group were again challenged to film! The filmed a short video to show the best features of Santa Maria de Arnoso for them, inspired by a Lumière Brothers film dated in 1895.




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