Results come up & the challenge begins

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The time is now. In three days we will be working on the field with our cameras. We already know the group we are working with in Galicia, as we met them some weeks ago. We will be working with a group of youngster between 18-27 in Ancares, a mountain region suffering from a vast depopulation process over the last decades. Most of the young people emigrate to the cities: Lugo, Santiago, Barcelona, Madrid… but thanks to the CDR (Rural Development Centre) of Cervantes, we managed to gather a nice group of motivated participants.
As said before, the challenge starts this weekend. It’s time to turn into action the research we’ve been carrying out during the last months. He draft of the O1 first part is already done and shared among partners, ready to be enriched with their feedback. We also had expertise advice, as during this months we had online meetings and exchanged emails with some of the most experienced PV practitioners: Chris High (Linnaeus University), Rick Goldsmith (Catcher Media), David Montero and Chema Moreno ( and Gusztav Nemes. We shared some of our thoughts with them and they gave us meaningful feedback in order to write this draft but also to define our approach during the workshops. It was really exciting to see they were interested in Rec Think and hope this project could incorporate useful experiences to the increasing PV practitioners community. There’s still some time until the toolkit is released. But if you’re interested we recommend you to visit the aforementioned websites and check more about PV.

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